Total Tree Services for the Cork, Kerry and Munster regions
Carrigrour, Glengarriff, Co Cork
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

Total Tree Services have extensive experience in the felling and dismantling of dead, diseased or dangerous trees.

Our arborists are fully trained in this procedure and have executed successful and safe sectional tree fells over the past 32 years.

We are particularly skilled in rigging and dismantling large trees in confined spaces close to structures, power lines or where there may be valuable plants or trees nearby. The timber can be removed or cut into firewood or planks for personal use.

When should you remove a tree?

Here are some situations where tree removal may be recommended to limit potential hazards that could cause harm to your property or family.

  • Diseased tree should be taken down before the disease spreads to other trees
  • Dead or dying trees more apt to topple in strong winds and cause damage to your home or property
  • Crowding other trees and better to lose one tree so the others can be strong and healthy
  • Growing too close to home or building and causing structural damage, like cracks in the foundation.