Total Tree Services for the Cork, Kerry and Munster regions
Carrigrour, Glengarriff, Co Cork
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

We only use trees supplied from reputable nurseries and we can advise on the best variety for the soil type and garden position and economical mature trees supplied and planted. Root pruning carried out and barriers installed to prevent wandering invasive roots.

Tree Planting
All tree specimens are different in their needs and require different methods of planting to ensure a healthy life. Whether bare root, containerised, root ball, staking or ground anchoring, we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to provide perfect planting.

Planting trees offers a wealth of benefits to you and your property. Adding trees to your landscape will;

Benefit You
Trees keep yards cool in the summer, lowering your energy bill
Your trees act as natural respirators, giving off fresh oxygen

Benefit Your Property
Investment in your landscape enhances curb appeal and property value
Trees slow rain impact to divert floods