Total Tree Services for the Cork, Kerry and Munster regions
Carrigrour, Glengarriff, Co Cork
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

General tree maintenance, observation and care can not only improve the health of your trees but can prevent disease spreading and potential hazardous accidents happening. General tree maintenance includes, removing deadwood, broken or split branches and diseased limbs.

We carry out intensive maintenance in the crown area of
the tree which helps in so many ways, these operations include;

Crown Thinning
Removal of secondary branches from within the crown to reduce its density leaving a balanced tree with even growth throughout. This increases light penetration and weight and also allows for strong winds to move more freely through the tree’s canopy.

Crown Reduction
Removal of outer branches back to suitable growth points to reduce the crown’s overall size, and to improve appearance and health of the tree. Selected areas of a tree can also be reduced to reshape asymmetrical crowns.

Crown Raising
Removal of some of the lower branches to increase the main crown above ground level.

Crown Cleaning
A remedial operation for the removal of all defects i.e. dead wood, diseased, crossing, rubbing branches, etc., and allow light into the canopy which increases photosynthesis.

Our unique maintenance programme includes regular checks, watering, pruning and tree-base care. We offer a variety of tree maintenance packages to suit all budgets and requirements.