Total Tree Services for the Cork, Kerry and Munster regions
Carrigrour, Glengarriff, Co Cork
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

Total Tree Services provide a tree survey/report service where one of our certified arborists will conduct an assessment of your trees.

Tree surveys and hazard evaluation to BS, suitable for planning permission, as a management tool or simply for your records.

With health and safety issues becoming a growing concern, a primary objective within all tree surveys is a full and comprehensive tree condition appraisal - essential to good tree care and management.

With tree condition a fundamental element to all tree reports, we will check for dead or dangerous limbs/trees, disease, weak root systems, hollow cavities/cracks etc. We will also recommend the action required to sustain healthy tree growth.

Using a variety of manual and electronic data collection methods we can confidently recommend the retention or removal of a tree.