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22 Jan 2020

Tree Care in Spring

Spring into action with these simple tips for optimum tree care in Spring.

With the winter woes in the not too distant past, it’s time to think spring! Spring into 2020 with these 5 simple tree care tips for a happy, healthy growing season.

Spring is the time to start providing your trees with some extra love and attention, simply put, tree care. Because they have been essentially asleep for the past three months, as well as having had moisture and debris build upon them, it is vital that your trees are taken care of as early into spring as possible.

There are a few different tree care steps that you should initially take with your trees once they have finally woken up after their winter hibernation. We will be looking at several different tips to ensure that your trees will thrive over the next few months.

Tree Care in Spring West Cork and Kerry

1. Clean and inspect trees and shrubs.

With the damp wet stormy winter, your landscape may have encountered tree debris, standing water or flood damage. Get rid of the debris, leaves and sticks in or on the trees, paying close attention to critical risk trees to  determine whether removal or pest and disease treatments are necessary.

2. Prune dead branches.

Want healthy trees? Proper pruning protects your green assets from the unsafe branches that suffered damage from winter weather. Look for dead wood, frostbite, or lesions on leaves. Prune away dead, damaged, or diseased limbs.

If there are extra stubs from old limbs, make sure to remove those, as well as cutting back branches that rub together.

Cabling or bracing may be necessary, to reduce strain and stress damage from high winds, or lightning protection for future spring and summer storms.

3. Mulch your landscape.

Clear the entire area around your trees and begin putting down mulch. When laying mulch, make sure to give each trunk a layer that is about three or four inches thick all around. If this seems like a lot, just consider that this makes a solid protective layer for them.

Mulch secures the organic matter trees need beneath the soil surface. Conserve soil moisture and control weeds with proper mulching techniques.

4. Watering

Ensure trees have enough water for a solid growing season.

Check soil moisture once a week 4-6 inches below the surface. Soil should be moist but not wet. Deep watering prevents weak surface roots from forming and encourages the growth of robust roots underground.

5. Fertilize plants.

Before your trees and shrubs enter peak growing season, apply a slow-release fertilizer to not only replace nutrients, but also to improve plants’ resistance to damage from diseases and stressful weather.

Apply the fertilizer directly on the drip line of the tree, and if you want it to be absorbed faster, drill holes into the surrounding areas with a punch or a probe.

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22 Jan 2020

Site clearance service in West Cork and Kerry

Need a professional site clearance service in West Cork, Cork, Kerry or the wider Munster region?

Total Tree Services are able to provide a thorough site clearance service and we also offer specific land clearing works where trees, bushes and brush have become overgrown. All our work is carried out in a fast, efficient and professional manner.

Our commercial site clearance services include a package of works to clear your site of vegetation, over growth and prepare it for future development and construction. Our experienced skilled team undertake substantial projects in a range of environments on both brown field and green field sites

Our extensive land clearance services include:

  • Vegetation Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Pre-Construction Clearance

Site clearance service in West Cork and Kerry

We have the machinery and arboriculture skills required to efficiently carry out tree felling and stump removal, and our composting equipment provides a solution for the mulching and removal of green waste.

We are also able to offer expertise in ecological issues which allows us to develop appropriate solutions for environmentally sensitive sites, ensuring that any wildlife species on your land receives appropriate treatment in accordance with Protected Species legislation.

All organic waste is put through our wood chipper, and larger waste is removed.

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22 Jan 2020

Tree planting expertise in West Cork and Kerry

Looking for tree planting expertise in the West Cork, Cork, Kerry or the wider Munster region?

Total Tree Services have the tree planting expertise and knowledge to ensure long-term survival and fast growth. Our certified arborists will evaluate the landscape, drainage, climate and exposure to help you choose tree species that will thrive in the landscape and soil conditions. Using trees from local nurseries we seek out the most suitable to achieve your tree planting goals.

All trees are different in their needs and require different methods of planting for a healthy life. Bare root, containerised, root ball, deep or shallow pit, staking or ground anchoring, we have the experience to help you make the right choice.

Tree planting expertise in West Cork and Kerry

Tree planting and Site Preparation
We can provide specialised stump grinding and site clearance services to ensure the area clear of all tree stumps, ground cover and debris.

Stump grinding is a process that grinds the remaining tree stump below the soil level with little or no damage to surrounding trees, plants and landscaping. We can work near walls, foundation of houses, and underground services without causing any problem.

Tree Plant Mulching
We can also provide high-quality tree mulch to insulate the soil and provide a buffer from heat or cold temperatures. This helps to retain water in the ground to keep the roots moist, it keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction and provides an attractive area around the tree.

Choosing the Right Tree
This is your opportunity to improve your environment and make a difference. Whilst we can advise you on scheme and species suitability, the types and sizes of trees you choose are limited only by your imagination.

The Bigger Picture
Trees play a vital role in improving the environment we live in, whether that is an inner city estate or a rural town. Trees are very important to offset the effects of climate change.

Tree planting expertise in West Cork and Kerry

Aftercare Service
Finally, there is the cost of maintenance for the new trees to be considered. Trees are living entities and Total Tree Services supply only the finest quality trees which we guarantee to be in healthy living condition when delivered. With correct care, planting and aftercare all newly planted trees should thrive.

However once delivered, we loose control of the trees and understandably cannot be responsible for their care and wellbeing thereafter. In order to provide clients with peace of mind Total Tree Services offer an optional maintenance and guarantee service from 3 to 5 years from the date of planting.

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