It’s been an unprecedented Winter of storms and now with what they are calling ”The Beast from the East” and Hurricane Emma there seems no let up.

A few months back we were in throes of Hurricane Ophelia and in the aftermath of that we were called out to Bere Island where we dismantled a huge Monterey Pine and Monkey Puzzle, that shed large limb systems during Ophelia damaging an altar and demolishing a big Celtic cross.

We dismantled them both to ground level without damaging any extra underlying headstones. It was the end of an era on Bere Island as the trees had stood there for as long as anyone could remember.

It’s all part and parcel of our service – so if you have any problems in the aftermath of this weeks storms give us a call and please do not take any risks and do nothing. If you suspect a tree has become unsafe call us immediately on 027-63588 or 087-256 8367 for advice.